We’re a member of Abacus Worldwide

Abacus Worldwide, LLC is pleased to announce that the Factotum Group has joined the progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

The London-based firm brings together many different professional services into a single multidisciplinary practice focused on helping businesses turn their ideas into actions. Founded in 2020, Factotum seeks to provide the answers and services businesses around the world need at every stage from start-up to maturity.

“Factotum’s business model brings an interesting and always needed set of services for our members,” said Julio Gabay, President and CEO of Abacus Worldwide. “Our membership works largely with clients doing business globally, so adding Factotum as a member increases the options available to those clients .”

“As a former member of Abacus the chance to return and bring Factotum into the association is very exciting,” said Bobby Lane, CEO of Factotum, who had participated in Abacus as a member of a previous firm. “The opportunity to reconnect with such a dynamic group of members will undoubtedly add value to our global client base. In addition, the Factotum model brings an even wider range of services to the association enabling Abacus firms to further support their clients’ expansion into the UK.”

Abacus Worldwide is an international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms focused on connecting like-minded quality firms for the sole purpose of providing member firms with the knowledge and resources they need to grow in today’s multifaceted business environment. Abacus Worldwide aims to offer a cost-effective and convenient resource to growing firms. Its goal is to assist member firms in meeting client needs locally and internationally by fostering connections with the right firms in the right locations. For more information about Abacus Worldwide, visit the association website at www.abacusworldwide.org.

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