About us

We're really good at helping you solve problems, generate value, and seize opportunities

It all started with an idea…

As a financial expert, Bobby has spent the last twenty-five years nurturing owner-managed businesses across the UK and globally. He has first-hand insights into the services and support required by small and medium-sized businesses.

Over the years, a common challenge he kept seeing with business owners was they didn’t know where to turn to find the help they needed. When they were reaching out for help, they ended up juggling many different professional services relationships. Bobby’s vision was a single multidisciplinary practice for businesses to help turn their ideas into actions. Factotum was born!

Our secret weapons

The skill we have is putting together specialist teams around your specific project. We have a team of extremely talented people that we can scale and reconfigure depending on what you need, and when you need it. Meet who you could work with.

Our team

From a small project to an entire outsourced department, you can throw anything at us and we’ll make it happen. Turning your ideas into actions energises us. You won’t have to deal with multiple suppliers anymore, with us you’ll have one place and one key person to help your business. You get time back to do what you love in your business (or out of it).

Our values

  • We get it done
  • We are authentic and real
  • We are relationship devoted
  • We leave every interaction better off
  • We leverage collective genius
  • We’ll always be by your side
  • We believe there’s always a solution

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Your chance to gain hands-on experience working in a fast growing company, across a wide range of clients

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