Factotum Group acquires the business of Modus Analytics

The Factotum Group LLP are delighted to announce that they have acquired the data analytics business of Modus Analytics and that Tim Shaw, Managing Director of Modus has joined Factotum as Head of Data Analytics.  

Modus Analytics is a data analytics business that focuses on helping businesses unlock the value hidden in their data to help them grow. They help ambitious businesses use data to increase profitability and gain a competitive edge.

Factotum is a multi-disciplinary outsourcing practice helping business owners focus on what they do best by providing them with accounting, HR, IT, marketing services and everything in between.

Working with their clients to understand their business objectives and challenges, Modus Analytics have demonstrated that providing business owners and managers with the right information and tools can improve their decision making. Modus believe that data analysis need not be expensive, and the benefits can be delivered to organisations of every size.

‘Modus Analytics provides sophisticated data tools for SMEs in a cost-effective way. We are delighted that the business has been added to the portfolio of services that Factotum offers. This was a natural next step to help our clients reinforce their decision making with a solid framework of data.’ 

Bobby Lane, CEO of Factotum

‘Our data analytics business is a great fit with Factotum, and we look forward to working together. Almost every growing organisation is sitting on the data required to make them more successful, but they may not understand how to apply the data they have, or they may simply be daunted by the amount and don’t know where to start.’

Tim Shaw, Founder, Modus Analytics

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